July 13, 2023

America's Multi-Trillion Dollar Energy Opportunity with CEO Todd Michaels

Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network sat down with a new show sponsor, Correlate Energy’s CEO Todd Michaels (OTC: CIPI). He explains that fortunes are made and lost when major energy transitions take place. Today we are in the first inning of a major transition away from centralized electricity generation to decentralized production. As CEO Michaels stated, “Just like the smartphone changed the way we all work and communicate, decentralized energy will have a similar profound effect.”

As the electrification transition rapidly moves forward, traditional carbon-based energy sources alone cannot provide the extra needed giga-watts. However, multi-trillion-dollar government incentives are locked in place and there’s no going back. Solar, wind and increasingly microgrids will lead the way. Correlate is uniquely situated to capitalize upon the resulting opportunities. In it’s case, their seasoned team has decades of experience in the renewable energy marketplace. They provide customers with a one-stop solution including: financing, planning, permitting, construction and operational management.

The company just announced an initial $100 million joint venture with eDGe Renewable Partners which will dramatically increase micro-grid development and construction, nationwide. The strategy appears to be working as the company became cashflow positive in May and expects revenues of $25-35mm in 2023 and $45-60mm in 2024 while achieving 18-25% margins. CEO Michaels states, “You can see the [revenue growth] directionality as our projects are now coming to fulfillment.” He makes a compelling case as few businesses can resist the ability to lock in and reduce their electric bills for the next 20-30 years.

Decentralized Energy has arrived and promises to be the hottest and most profitable energy sector for the next several decades. Correlate offers a low-cost, low-risk way to profit from this inexorable trend. Company website: https://Correlate.Energy

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