Sustainably improve your building’s net operating income.

Our platform generates new rent and operating income, allowing you to meet your ESG goals.

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No more unruly spreadsheets.

With Correlate, you get a single point of contact with our award winning team that turns data into results.

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Why Correlate?

Because what you're doing isn't enough.

You can reduce carbon and deferred maintenance at the same time.

Tap your hidden $0.50 to $5.00+
per sqft with no CapEx.

Correlate identifies cash flow positive energy solutions, designs and manages upgrades, and monitors performance over the long haul.
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The energy markets and vendor landscape are complex and overwhelming. You need help.

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identify high-impact areas
for improvement, implement
them, and deliver results.
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enjoy all of the glory of a more
sustainable, profitable portfolio
with none of the headache.

With Correlate, sustainability
and profitability are no longer at odds.

We make it easier for organizations to reach their stated ESG and NOI goals, reducing wasted time and money for everyone.
How we do it
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We start with a customized operating strategy to fit your portfolio. From renewable energy to energy efficiency and utility contracts, our team of energy experts find the most impactful measures to your net operating income. Our network of partners then make it happen.
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Our Platform monitors, measures and optimizes hundreds of building performance metrics. By monitoring your building 100% of the time we are able to cut significant costs, increase profitability and create new revenue that you previously could not have captured.
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Our funding mechanisms don’t require out-of-pocket capital (CapEx) expenditures. Because our solutions are cashflow positive, you can rapidly capture the full value of opportunities and increase net operating income.
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Correlate is not a closed ecosystem.
We are vendor agnostic, meaning we can work with your existing partners to ensure all parties are working toward the same end goals.
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Our low-cost model guarantees value and minimizes risk. It includes a customized strategy filled with cashflow positive projects that will make an immediate and sustainable impact on your bottom line.
Get a customized facility plan
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Our process

From initial strategy to ongoing monitoring, Correlate is with you each step of the way.

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We combine your utility and facility data with your corporate energy goals. We then pair our analytics with human experts to identify areas of opportunity based on how your buildings use energy.


Our team prioritizes those opportunities and matches them with your goals to create your custom energy plan.


After deciding which opportunities to pursue, we collaborate with our network of energy service providers to deliver project bids and contract-level pricing.


As your extended team, we manage all involved contractors and monitor and update you on project installations and milestones en route to successfully completed projects.


We verify savings through ongoing utility bill analysis, and will present continuous energy improvement opportunities that meet your energy goals during quarterly meetings.

How we compare
Approach to building health
Project support
Network of providers
Data management
Procurement bids
Funding approach
Performance monitoring
ESG reporting
Correlate’s Program
Low-cost ongoing membership
Pre-certified options
Single software platform
Fast, digital management of multiple bids
Always cash positive
Flexible, bill to device level
Flexible, turnkey or data-only
ESG / Energy Consultant
Expensive, Project-by-project
Short- to medium- term
Excel spreadsheets
Unique RFPs by project
CapEx, ROI constrained
Added cost
Added cost
Excel spreadsheets
Unique RFPs by project
CapEx, ROI constrained
As time allows
As time allows

Sucess Stories

Our program is ideal for organizations that have over 1 million square feet or spend more than $500,000 per year on energy.

"Correlate helped us find the best solution for our unique needs. They built a clear path to project execution, improving our returns by 30% compared to prior ad hoc efforts."

"Correlate is a force multiplier to our accomplished team. The platform's persistent market intelligence combined with needed, on the fly capacity allows proactive strategies to materialize and scale."

"Correlate’s energy management services provide exactly what we were looking for. It isn’t too often than I leave a meeting with some clarity, and their virtual team guided us quite expertly through the complex and hard to access topic of energy management."

"Correlate created and implemented a strategy that saved us 20% compared to our last project-based approach, and we did this in half the time as when we did it on our own."

Let's break down barriers to your ESG and NOI goals.

Our platform unleashes energy managers from spreadsheets, vendor management, and any need for upfront capital investment to sustainably improve building net operating income and facility health.

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